AeroPAC Launch Radio Tracking

Do you plan to use any special frequencies? 
Please add your name to the frequency sign-up sheet for the next launch.
If you are attending and using tracking radios, GPS or other electronic or RF emitting devise make sure you on the list.

Note: A Google account is Required to modify the spreadsheet.

History for those inquiring minds - a note from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about monitoring launch frequencies. 

I am the keeper of the list for now as I originally brought the issue to Aeropac due to problems experienced at Dairy Air, TCC this year.

I was testing the recovery gps for the 99k project which will fly at Aeronaut or XPRS and the GPS Flight unit I was using all of a sudden lost tracking and I saw a NEMA devise on my map on the laptop. I reset the system and got mine back in the SWARM protocol and it then changed back to another NEMA location.

I walked over to see who had a unit on and it was James Doughtery and his ARTS2 gps. A GPS Flight unit can track 10 SWARM units per channel but only one NEMA. That is when I realized we has a problem is someone fired up their ARTS unit when I was tracking 99k.

Richard Hagen then suggested and started a list of the frequencies and channels of all tracking as the BigRedBees on the same ham channel with no slotting would have the same problem in ham 70 cm ot 2 meter bands. Richard started circulating the email about the frequency list and then Eric put it on Google docs.

I volunteered to carry on the list for the future. Very important if you want to find your rocket.

Walston Frequencies is now WMI Model Aeronautics

Thanks to Pius Morozumi the club has a WMI / Walston receiver for tracking rockets.

Transmitters are tiny and must match the frequencies that the received uses. If you want to order a transmitter, the AeroPac frequencies are;

Channel Frequency
1 217.485
2 217.495
3 217.505
4 217.515
5 217.525
6 217.535
7 217.545
8 217.555
9 217.565
10 217.575
11 217.585
12 217.595
13 217.605
14 217.615
15 217.625
16 217.635

Walston sells two transmitters:

  • 2338 $155
  • 3750 $179 -More powerful version

Walston is in Georgia, (Calif. time +3 hours) (770) 434-4905 or (800) 657-4672

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