XPRS Contests

Trophys multiple

 General rules for all events:

  1. Rockets must be entered in contest prior to flight
  2. Flyers must designate the specific event on their flight card to be an official entry.
  3. Only one event per flight
  4. Official flights are from 8:00 am Friday to 4:00 pm Saturday
  5. Awards presented Saturday night.
  6. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all motor classes, in all contests.
  7. Certified motors only
  8. Motor classes: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O
  9. Kids Class, A through G
  10. All rockets must be recovered in good condition to be considered a successful flight 
  11. The class of Clusters and Staged flights will be based on total installed impulse.
  12. TRA or NAR Certified Motors Only. 
  13. Any disputes or ties will be handled by the contest directors 
  14. No contest flights during the night launch


Extreme Altitude Event

This event is sponsored by the wonderful people at Paris Construction Service

The challenge: to fly the HIGHEST altitude in a motor class

Additional Rules Specific to this Event:

  • Motor classes: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O
  • Must have a commercially available altimeter


Dude!! Where's my ROCKET? 

Kids Parachute Duration 

This event is sponsored by the wonderful people at B.A.R rocketry

Kids Parachute Duration is an event is to see how long you can keep your rocket in the air and still recover it. Parachute Duration timing determined by stopwatch. Bring your own stopwatch if you have one!

Additional Rules Specific to this Event:

  • You need to time the flight from launch to landing, so bring a stop watch!
  • Kids 17 and under
  • Black Powder or Composite motors
  • Motor classes: A, B, C, D, E (black powder) and F and G  (composite) only


3Kn200 Precision Flight Contest

This contest is like TARC for big rockets.

The contest requires

  • The flyer to send a rocket containing a 12oz un-open aluminum beverage can up to and as close t o 3000 feet (altimeter verified) as possible.
  • Beverage can be pop, beer, etc. and unopuned.
  • The total flight time from lift off to landing must be as close to 200 seconds as possible.
  • Each flight gets one point added for each foot over or under 3000 feet, and gets 5 points added for each second over or under 200 seconds.
  • If the 12oz beverage is damaged leaking or missing, the flight is penalized 500 points.
  • Each flyer can make any number of attempts.
  • The person with the overall lowest score wins first, then second and then third.

One prize per person!