AeroPAC & ARLISS scheduled events

Prior to ANY launch - check last minute notices on Twitter

 2019  2020
Engineering Party Cleaning Party

June 1st (9:30am until done)

April 4
Mudroc Setup 
June 13 June 18
June 14-16 June 19-21
Aeronaut Setup
August 1 July 30
August 2-4 July 31 - August 2
September 8 September 13
September 9-12 September 14-17
XPRS Setup
September 12 September 17
September 13-15 September 18-20
Year End Party
December 1


Due to Burning Man having an exclusive restricted access for Black Rock mid to late summer, they and the BLM require all participants in AeroPAC rocket launches print and post THIS Access Permit on a visible area on their vehicle(s). 



  • They also require that all members coming out to the launch to follow the designated path as outlined in the Finding the launch site document.  
  • The speed limit along the Burning Man setup area is 20 MPH. There may be signs posted and the speed limit will be enforced. Go slow.
  • It's probably a good idea to carry some sort of rocketry ID like a Tripoli or NAR card or even an Aeropac membership card.
  • BLM Rangers, county sheriffs, and Burning Man police will be patrolling the playa to make sure that there are no unauthorized people out there. They may stop you and ask for your authorization to be there.  The Access Permit (coming soon) that you printed out and put on your dash is your authorization.
  • You should print out the map Finding the launch site even if you know how to get there. The authorities might ask for the map also.

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