Winter News Letter for 2016!

Aeropac Equipment Cleaning Party - Saturday April 22th
It's time to get our launch equipment back to tip-top shape!
So the cleaning party is Saturday April 22th starting around 10AM to around 2PM.
This is when we go through all the gear in the Aeropac trailer and make sure it's in working order.
So we need YOUR HELP!
Last year we have a good group of folks out with plenty of help so everyone had time to socialize.

Tasks are:

1 - Clean all the rails
2 - Make sure the pads are in working order
3 - Check batteries to see how they look
4 - Generator check and chargers, other gear
5 - Check launch equipment and test

Where it is? Lynn Cominsky has graciously agreed to host the party again! Thank you! Here are directions! Or Google Maps
Food: We will have food including pizza lunch!

AeroPac 2016-20 Schedule

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